Designing remotely

For clients who cannot attend in-person meetings, our firm can provide design services via the internet. All communications can be conducted over the internet which allows our clients to participate in every step of the process including design, decorating and lighting.

The Stages of the Design Process:

After a preliminary discussion with the client, and based on the information exchanged, we will prepare a detailed proposal.  Once the proposal is accepted and signed by the client, and the initial deposit is received, we will begin the project.  

We will then work with the client to obtain the following information:

  • Client’s ideas, input, preferences and expectation for the project
  • Detailed and dimensional floor plan of the space
  • Layout of all utilities including existing plumbing and electrical

Once this information is received we will put together a preliminary design summary which will be sent to the client for their review and comments. Based on discussions with the client, the design will be revised accordingly to ensure it complies with the client’s goals and vision for the project. Upon final approval from the client and receipt of payment, we will then prepare the working drawings and finalize all aspects of the project. We communicate the various drawings, summaries and designs via email but can also provide printed copies upon request. We are not responsible for any miss-measurements resulting from information provided by the client.